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July 4th

Independence Day

In the event of a weather emergency or school closing, please call the school at 973.338.0264 by 5:30 am

Our day is designed to balance free play activities and teacher directed activities. Our littlest citizens, our babies, gets lots of TLC and individual attention. Their needs for food and comfort are met throughout the day. There is ample time for songs, plays, stories, poetry, music, dancing, exercise, and fresh air.

As they gain independence and enter toddlerhood, the children begin to work in learning centers. They also have the opportunity to participate in a number of supplemental classes.

Our "big kids," three to six years old, have all of these activities and more available to them. They also begin more formalized academic study.

We know that when children are happily involved, their parents can go to work/school/home and have a productive day as well.



We believe that children's primary means of learning about our world is through play. When they play, children are imitating and practicing what they have experienced. As adults, we provide the examples they emulate. We have designed our program to provide a maximum of positive experiences, time to explore, and a variety of equipment to stimulate experimentation and consequently growth. This growth involves the whole child - emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and intellectually.

We supplement the free play experience with teacher-directed activities appropriate to the developmental levels of the children, so that the learning experience is positive.

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