Registration Info

We accept registrations at any time of year as long as there is space available for your child.

Sign In/Sign Out

We are concerned with the safety and well-being of your child. Our sign in/sign out sheets are kept in a book at our main entrance. The pickup and dropoff process is always monitored. Please inform all people who are authorized to pick up that they may be asked for identification if not recognized by a staff member.

Open Door Policy

Parents of enrolled children may visit our school at any time without having to secure approval from the director or any staff member. Please feel free to visit whenever you can.

Please Call Us for an Appointment

We welcome visitors at our school. We are proud to show you around and tell you about our programs. We do, however, ask that you set up an appointment prior to that visit. This will ensure that someone is available to devote time to you. In addition, this also provides that the safety and security of our children is maintained.

Please Download Our Application and Forms

When your child enrolls at Looking Glass, all immunizations must be up to date. Your child must also have a physical examination. The result of the examination, along with the immunization record, must be completed by your child's physician on the Looking Glass immunization form above. It is important for all families to keep these immunization records up to date. We must have the specific immunization and full date in writing from the administering physician.