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Winter Room | 6 weeks - 12 months

Social Skills, Emotional Skills, Language, Muscular Development

Spring Room | 12 months - 24 months

Motor Skills, Socialization, Creative Expression, Vocabulary

Summer Room | 2 years - 2 1/2 years

Self Concept, Communication, Vocabulary Skills, Creative Expression

Autumn Room | 2 1/2 years - 3 years

Phonological Awareness, Language, Counting, Sorting, Patterning, Problem Solving, Independent Thinking

Preschool | 3 years old

Emergent Literacy, Letters, Numbers, Writing, Classifying, Sequencing, Independent Thinking, Problem Solving

Pre-K | 4 years old

Healthy Habits, Science, Emergent Literacy, Counting, Numbers, Sorting, Patterning, Creative Expression, Ongoing Assignments

Kindergarten | 5 years old

Cross-Curricular, Language Arts, Systematic Phonics, Reading Comprehension, Math, Science, Social Studies

1st Grade | 6 years old

Language Arts, Reading comprehension, Writing, Phonics, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Art

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